Donate Food

To donate excess nutritional, edible food, please complete the form below:

Organization / Business Name
Contact onsite and/or regarding pickup instructions, etc.
Best telephone - cell number to contact onsite
Location for the donation to be picked up
Feeding It Forward is a volunteer supported organization and as such cannot guarantee pickup times or windows.
Food must be packaged in containers that you do not need returned, unless prior arrangements have been made.
If not, please estimate the size of donation in other information.

Donating your food for rescue / recovery is a low-risk, high-benefit way to reduce waste, feed the hungry, shrink your enterprise’s environmental footprint and enhance its sustainability, save money, and access valuable tax incentives.

Non-perishable and Shelf Stable Food

Large amounts of non-perishable and shelf stable food, such as canned or frozen food, should be donated to the Napa Valley Food Bank. Please contact in advance at 707-253-6128.


Food Prepared at Home

If you have food to donate from your home, you can contact organizations listed on the Food Resource Listing directly.

Outside Napa County

The following organizations in the Bay Area can help if you have food to donate outside of Napa County:


Marin County
San Francisco
San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties
Sonoma County