David Busby

Founder - Retired

Board of Directors

Mark van Gorder - Chair

Government Affairs North Bay Area for PG&E, prior City of Napa Council Member, and wine industry experience.

Dr Joe Pramuk

Retired ER Doctor who brings a health perspective and prior board experiences.

Jose Hurtado

Bob Figoni

Christina Pate - Secretary

Christina is currently the Wine Director at Harper’s Club, a local business specializing in serving wine collectors.  Born and raised in New Zealand, she has also lived in Europe and moved to Napa in 2010.  She brings an international perspective and expertise in logistics and relationship management.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree with 1st Class Honors in Russian and Business Administration from Canterbury University in New Zealand.

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson - Treasurer

Cindy is currently the Accounting Manager at Ole Health. She brings a wealth of accounting experience in planning and collaborating within the winery and service industries. She grew up and graduated from Napa Valley College in Accounting.

Naama Brenner-Abramovitch

Naama is currently the Recycling Specialist for Napa Recycling and Waste Services. She has engaged with schools in the city of Napa and businesses in the County of Napa to reduce waste, recycle, and compost. She is a creative problem solver working with high-level executive officials.  M.A. in Resource Management and Environmental Planning.

Staff Members

Sean Pramuk - Interim Director of Development and Operations

Sean Pramuk was raised in Napa and previously owned UVA Trattoria and Foodshed Takeaway. “There is no better feeling than seeing food that would go to waste serve people in our community. That’s why I am part of this.”

Anya Elidi-Stubbs - Program Manager

We welcome her experience and contributions. A non-profit leader with 18+ year career working with youth, staff, and community partners. Success in the application, implementation, compliance, and reporting for government and grant-funded programs. Skilled in staffing, programming, and budgeting for multiple locations. Experience in planning and leading large events for corporate volunteer groups and the community.