A HUGE THANK YOU to all the donors who have allowed safe food to be diverted from the waste stream!

We continue to be involved with other organizations to accomplish our goals.

We have recovered food safely from events, the community at large, Napa Farmers’ Market, wineries, and many other organizations and transported it to organizations serving the vulnerable, including: NEWS (domestic violence and sexual abuse victims), The Table, Napa Valley Food Bank, Napa Valley Unified School District Free Summer Meal Programs for Children, Substance Abuse Residential Rehab Facility, an Emergency Family Shelter, a Medical Respite, and many others.

Below are some of the accomplishments.

Thanks to our volunteers whose perseverance has allowed for so much success in recovering food for those in our communities who face food insecurity.

Thanks everyone who has helped with our rapid growth!

We wish to thank each one of you for your support which has allowed for our rapid growth. The bad part is the need for food for thsoe in need continues ;-(

Thanks to the Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation

We wish to thank each one of you for your support along with the Gasser Foundation’s seed grant which has allowed us to accomplish so much in our first year.

Thanks to the Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation for their seed grant to make this passion a reality and the ability to fulfill our mission of recovering food and feeding the hungry.

Thanks to the Napa County

The CrossWalk Community Church in partnership with Feeding It Forward helps feed needy members of the community, which is made possible by support from Napa County Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) funds. It is one of several MSA programs implemented by the County of Napa, which strive to improve health outcomes for individuals and families throughout the community. This grant was made possible by funding provided by the County of Napa.

Thanks to The Doctors Company

We wish to thank everyone! Special thanks to The Doctors Company for their support as we  build healthy communities by fulfilling our mission of recovering food and feeding the hungry.

Thanks to Hands Across the Valley

We wish to thank George Altamura and each one of the Board of Directors of Hands Across the Valley, Community Sponsors, Donors, Elaine Bell Catering, Partners, and all the fellow volunteers you for a very successfully event working “TOWARDS A COMMUNITY WITHOUT HUNGER.”

Again, thank everyone!

Hands Across the Valley supports important Napa County food programs