Food Safety Resources

Shelf Life, Product Dating, and Long-Term Storage
Foodborne Illness

A comprehensive summary of foodborne pathogens and the diseases they cause, which can cause foodborne illness in both healthy and immune compromised individuals.



See listing of terms / definitions relating to food recovery & safety

Food Safety Links

Food Safety Foodservice Basics, a reference guide for foodservice operators (FN572)

  • This manual for foodservice operators reviews basic aspects of food sanitation throughout a foodservice operation and provides reference materials on food storage and other aspects of food safety.

Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold: a foodservice guide to thermometers and safe temperatures (FN712)

  • Chef’s should not depend on their instincts, cooking time, oven temperature or product appearance to determine when a product is done: thermometers are important tools for protecting foods.

It’s Clean, but is it sanitized? (FN1350)

  • Find out the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.

Foods Suitable for Donation

Foods Suitable for Donation