We’re Hiring, please spread the Word!

We are excited to share that we have an open position for Program Manager of Feeding it Forward, Inc. Are you or do you know of someone who is passionate about food insecurity, wasted food and the impact on our environment?

40% of the food we produce is wasted. Prior to the pandemic, 1 in 9 people were experiencing food insecurity and that number is now 1 in 5. The amount of resources – energy, water, etc., wasted by food not going to humans is enormous.

Feeding It Forward addresses all of these issues at once – getting highly perishable fresh food to those in need. A rescue picked up in the morning can be on someone’s dinner table that evening.

If this matters to you and to people you know, please contact us or forward this posting to your friends, family, trusted neighbors, or work partners who may be interested in working with Feeding It Forward.

Find out more about the Program Manger position using the button below or this link. The preferred deadline to apply is July 28, 2021.


Program Manager Job Description